Installation process of LED Triproof Light

IP65 LED vaporproof light is one of the main products of COMLED. It adopts high brightness 2835 light source and milky PC cover, so the light emission is more soft. At the same time, LED vapor tight fixture has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, no flicker, no glare, and has been welcomed by the market and consumers. The biggest advantage of LED vapor light is convenient installation and maintenance, no professional tools, no screws. It adopt openable cap with press type terminal block for quick installation.


Briefly explain the installation process of LED waterproof light (Take surface mounting as an example)

First of all, it is necessary to drill holes, fix the mounting bracket on the ceiling with the given nails, and firmly fix the pc base on the bracket to ensure that the LED surface fixture will not fall.

Next, conduct the wiring. The specific wiring steps of the LED light are as follows:

1.Rotate the end cover to expose the terminals of LED batten light.

2.Take out the terminal so that the wiring can be smooth.

3.Connect the L N S three wires to the terminal correctly with a screwdriver.

4.Install the end cover and conduct power on test after confirmation.

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Note: For safety , the entire installation process of LED weatherproof fitting must be carried out under the condition of external power failure to avoid danger to people during installation.

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Post time: Dec-09-2022